Student Services

Student Services is dedicated to ensuring each student attending America’s English Language School is aware of the resources the school offers through their department.  This includes college and career counseling, academic assistance, student activities that incorporate speaking and listening, scholarship workshop, and health insurance assistance.  We understand our students are far from home and strive to ensure that they are well taken care while attending America’s English Language School.  It is our goal to make every student feel like a member of the America’s English Language School family and to be successful in each aspect of their English acquisition.

College and Career Advisement

We understand that the American school system is complex and challenging to understand, especially for an international student.  Student Services works to educate students on the different types of schools they can study at, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of these various institutes.  In addition to this we offer career counseling.  We discuss the advantages of learning English and how it can help advance them in their current or future career.  College and/or career fairs are held each semester. At these events, colleges and universities from around the region send representatives to answer student questions. Professionals from various fields also visit to discuss their educational tracks and what can be expected for those students seeking future careers. 

Scholarship Workshops

School is expensive.  We understand this and know that not everyone has an endless well of money, so we offer a workshop that educates our students on scholarships available to them.  We teach them where to find scholarships and assist them with filling out the applications.  We also focus on the importance of the scholarship essay and set them up to be able to write a winning paper.

Student Activities

A true American experience includes a variety of fun activities that are not necessarily school related; however, these opportunities can still offer opportunities of growth and learning.  Student Services sponsors 2 Friday activities each month for the students.  These activities include laser tag, snow sledding, movies, ice skating, camping, and the list goes on.  Our goal as a department is to offer activities that provide an American experience that is unique to Utah and allows the students to hone their English speaking and listening skills.

Medical Insurance Advisement

Much like the American school system, the US health insurance system is equally complex and challenging to understand.  For many of our international students, they do not recognize the benefit of obtaining health insurance because of the high cost that is often attached to it.  However, we educate our students on the benefits of having it and how in the long run it will save them more money than not.

Health Insurance Pamphlet

For more information about Health Insurance, please visit Translation options are available.