Admission Packet

Welcome to Nomen Global

Dear Student,

Congratulations on having being accepted to study at Nomen Global Language Centers! We are excited to have you here and hope your experience as a student at Nomen Global will be exciting and memorable.

We believe that our institution is among the finest in the world.  In addition to quality curriculum and superior teachers, we have established many programs that will help you in your English learning experience.

Leaving your native country, friends, and family can be scary and challenging.  It can also be a time of growth and preparation for big things to come in your life. We want to help make your stay more enjoyable.

This packet has been prepared to provide you with the information necessary to successfully obtain your F-1 Student Visa and arrive to study at Nomen Global.  We hope the information in it will help you in preparing for your educational experience. You may have many additional questions. Please feel free to contact our Student Services Representatives by phone or email.  Our staff will be happy to help in any way possible.

Your personal progression and happiness is our goal!


Clarke T. Woodger


Mission of Nomen Global

“Nomen Global Language Centers substantially helps students from all cultures and walks of life to excel in each aspect of their English acquisition and to obtain their goals for the future, including but not limited to “World Readiness” and preparation for life in the 21st Century.  We achieve this goal by means of qualified and experienced faculty, dedicated staff, engaging and challenging curriculum, technical innovation, and professional and ethical student services.”

About the School

Nomen Global has been teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) since its inception in 1997.  Since that time, we have expanded our services to include a wide variety of different curriculum and experiences.  We are constantly creating and developing new programs to help meet the needs of the business world and the community at large.

We began Nomen Global as a school to help international students looking to pass the TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language – which allows international students access to American universities.  Thousands of students have graduated from our programs, and many have done extremely well in academic and vocational circles.  The vast majority of students who complete our program through the TOEFL-preparation level go on to pass the TOEFL test with high marks.  We are proud of the students who, upon passing, are able to make a step to further their education. We are dedicated and continually striving and to developing programs which will meet the needs of all our clientele.  

Nomen Global Provo Site

Nomen Global Language Center is located at 384 W. Center St. in the heart of historic downtown Provo.  Our site is located across from the renowned Covey Center for the Arts, two blocks from the Provo Conference Center, and 4 blocks from the NuSkin Plaza and the LDS Provo City Center Temple.  Within a few blocks are major supermarkets and shopping malls, bus routes, and plenty of local restaurants and fast-food chains.

Students enjoy a complete modern facility with seven classrooms, a student lounge with vending machines, and a computer lab with twenty-four computers. The maximum class size is twenty-one, allowing students to receive individual attention and personalized education.  Our lounge is a comfortable, relaxing place for students to interact with each other in between classes and after school.

Contact Information

Address: 384 West Center St 

Provo, UT 84601 

Phone Number: (801) 377-3223

Fax Number: (801) 377-3993

Web Site:

Facebook Profile:

You may reach our Student Services Representatives by calling the main school phone number and asking to be transferred to the Advisor who signed your acceptance letter.

What to Expect from Nomen Global Language Center Education

We are very proud of the educational program developed at Nomen Global.  Our Research and Development Department is constantly searching for new and improved ways to teach and instruct.  Our teachers are continually trained and evaluated.  Each semester you will have a chance to help us evaluate your teacher’s performance.  We hope you will be honest and forthcoming about your experience when the time comes.

Our instruction has been divided into Core Classes and Supplemental Classes.  The Core Classes are designed to provide a broad foundation in reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, and vocabulary acquisition. The supplemental classes have been designed to provide students with additional integrated experiences, as well as a broader cultural context and diversified learning opportunity.

Open Enrollment

As a result of Nomen Global’s Advanced Modular Curriculum™, a unique calendar system of enrollment is offered that allows students to begin a course of study every two weeks, with classes beginning every other Monday. This schedule creates more opportunity for students to start when they would like, instead of waiting to enroll at the beginning of a typical semester.  This allows for flexibility and adaptation for each individual student based on his/her scheduling needs and availability. It also provides a dynamic, shifting classroom environment.  Since the class make up shifts every two weeks, students will always have opportunities to meet and mentor more new class members as they arrive.


Along with helping you with your English studies, we want you to have fun and help you adjust to living in the United States.  Our Student Services Department provides a variety of activities each semester.  Some of these include social events like dances and movie nights, organized sporting events, hiking and camping, community based activities, and holiday parties.  We hope that you will participate.  These activities are a great way for you to get to know other students and the staff, have a good time outside of class, and gain fun, memorable experiences from your time at Nomen Global. Please pay attention to the activity posters placed around the school periodically informing you of the upcoming activities.

Student Services

The primary functions of our Student Services Department are to assist in registration, immigration issues, academic review, and counseling.  We recognize that students have unique problems.  In the past, some of those have been housing or roommate problems, financial and health concerns, and even personal and family problems.  Our Student Services Representatives are available and ready to help you with these problems as they come up. The most important thing is that you realize that there is someone who can help you.  We encourage you to make an appointment at any time.  Please let us know when you have problems so we may help you in any way that we are able. You may receive help in academic, personal or immigration issues at any time by setting up an appointment with a Student Services Representative.

Additional Documents included in this Packet

Acceptance Letter

This letter officially welcomes you into the program and gives you a brief overview of information you will need to complete the process of getting your F-1 Student Visa.  You must also bring this document with you to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate. The information in the letter is necessary for continuing the process of becoming an F-1 student.  When you feel you are ready to come to the U.S., please review this letter to ensure that you have completed all necessary requirements.

Letter to the U.S. Embassy

This letter is written to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate officer that you will meet with during your U.S. Embassy Interview.  You should bring this letter with you to the Embassy interview, and present it to the Embassy official when they ask you questions regarding the school at which you plan to study.  It describes the school in detail to the Embassy official, allowing them to better understand the school and how/why it operates.

Step by Step to Becoming a Nomen Global Student

This informative paper is a distilled checklist that you can use to ensure that you have done everything necessary to successfully getting to Nomen Global and are ready to come!  It repeats some of the information in this pamphlet.  Please make sure that you understand what this paper says and do everything necessary to get here and to be successful.

Subscription to Materials

At Nomen Global, we use an online educational tool for student curriculum.  Once a student has completed the registration process, including the placement exam, students will be registered into their student account. There they can access materials, grades, attendance, and teacher information.

Student Handbook

Students should review the Nomen Global Student Handbook before arriving to school. To access the Student Handbook please visit Translation options are available.

Students are required to provide either a laptop or tablet to access their materials in class.

Student Services

International Student Advisor

Nomen Global wants you to succeed. You will be assigned a Student Advisor to help you when you have concerns, questions, or changes you need to report.  We encourage you to get to know the Student Advisor.  The Advisor will be your primary contact from Nomen Global before you arrive here.  The Advisor will meet you at the school when you arrive, and will introduce you to the rest of the Nomen Global staff who will help you register and get prepared for classes.  The Advisor can help you adapt to American culture, assist you in setting academic goals, answer Visa questions, help you find an apartment or housing, advise you with your pursuits after Nomen Global, and sometimes help you handle your legal situations.

Student Services Coordinator

The Student Services Coordinator is the head of our Student Services Department (where the International Student Advisors work).  Just like the advisors, the Student Services Coordinator’ primary goal is for you to succeed. The Student Services Coordinator will meet with you during registration, take you through new student orientation, and interview you at various points through your semester to help you when you are having difficulties.  

Education Director

The Education Director is in charge of the teachers and success in the classroom.  The Education Director (or a member of the Education Department) will meet with you after you arrive and place you in a level.  If you have problems in class, with classmates, or with teachers you will discuss them with the Education Director.


It is the Registrar’s responsibility to work with you in ensuring that you are registered and ready to begin classes on time.  The Registrar will guide you through the registration process when you arrive at Nomen Global.  S/he also is in charge of rolls, most of the paperwork, grades and many other technical aspects of your success at Nomen Global.

ESL Teachers

You will have the opportunity to be taught by quite a few different teachers while studying at Nomen Global.  Our teachers are highly qualified ESL professionals. One of the main additional criteria for hiring is that teachers demonstrate real care for the students’ wellbeing. Your Integrated Skills teacher is considered your “Homeroom” teacher.  If you have problems or frustrations with your general classroom experience, level placement or educational issues, you should discuss them first with your Homeroom teacher.  Please get to know your teachers and be open and honest with them regarding your classroom experiences.  Please discuss all problems with your Homeroom teacher before discussing them with the Student Services staff. At Nomen Global, we are a team whose primary responsibility is to ensure that your time studying in the United States is a success in every way.  Please take time to get to know each of these staff members after your arrival, and be ready and willing to work with them in ensuring your success.

Obtaining an F-1 Student Visa

For more information visit:

In order to enter the United States legally as a student, you must apply for an F-1 Student Visa.  To obtain this Visa, you must now make an appointment for an interview with the U.S. Embassy in your country. The steps below are some pointers that may help you through this process. This interview is very important.  Please go to the interview totally prepared to answer questions about why you are going to study, how long you intend to study, etc.  If, after having read this document, you have any further questions about the American Embassy, or the interview that will take place there, please contact your Advisor.

You must take with you some specific documents.  You should take time before the interview to prepare for it.  It is our experience that those students who are denied often haven’t prepared themselves for the embassy interview.  Many students have improved their Visa qualifications by presenting themselves appropriately in their interview at the embassy. To help you do this, we have created a list of suggestions that will increase your chance of successfully obtaining a Visa.

  • Schedule an Appointment with the nearest U.S. Embassy. You may find the address in the link below:
  • Pay the SEVIS fee ($200) at least three days before your Embassy Interview (see SEVIS/SEVP Reporting Fee below)
  • The application process may vary from embassy to embassy. Refer to your local U.S. Embassy to find out about the application process and fees. Generally, you will need the following documents with you at the interview:
    • I-20 form
    • Passport
    • DS-160 Online application form
    • SEVIS (I-901) Fee receipt
    • Visa Fees payment receipts
    • One Photograph
    • Letter from Nomen Global to the Embassy
    • Any email exchanges with Nomen Global faculty
    • Affidavit of Financial Support.  You should check with your country’s Embassy to find out if they require a specific form.  Remember that to study at Nomen Global, you must be able to show that you have access to at least $5000 for yourself and $1500 for each dependent for each 4-month semester that you plan to study with us.  Additional financial documents may include
      • Bank Statements
      • Fund Flow Statement
      • Asset Summary Statement
      • Bank Transactions
  • As part of the DS-160 Form, you need to pay your Visa Application Fee.
  • Make sure you know where you are planning to stay in the United States before the interview. (Look at the housing information on our website, but DO NOT make a reservation or make any housing payments until you have your Visa).  Just have a plan.
  • Dress neatly (you should wear your most business-like clothing).
  • Show confidence in yourself.
  • Know how to answer the questions they will ask. Some sample questions are provided below.
  • Provide ample reasons for why you need to study English.  If you are only coming because it seems like a good idea, or to visit and/or live with family, the embassy probably will deny you a Visa and you should look for other options or ways to get to the United States.
  • Demonstrate that you ARE planning to come back to your native country.  Some ways you can do this include:
    • Discuss your plans on what you are going to do with the education that you receive in the United States.
    • Show an employment contract that requires you to come back and work for a given company.
    • Identify family relations or properties that tie you to your country of origin.
  • Know how to answer these questions and others you know they may ask.  Practice them at least a couple of times before going to the Embassy to ensure confidence as you answer them.
  • Smile
  • Be polite, even if turned down.

Sample Questions

  • Why do you want to study English in the United States?
  • Why did you choose this specific school (Nomen Global)?
  • What can you tell me about the school you will go to?
  • How did you hear about this school?
  • Can’t you study here in (country name)?

  • Who is sponsoring you?
  • What do your parents do? What is their income?
  • How will you finance your education?
  • How long are you planning on being in the United States?
  • Where are you going to live? (Be specific).
  • How are you going to support yourself there? (Note: You are NOT permitted to work in the United States unless authorized by USCIS)
  • Do you have any relatives in the United States?
  • Where did your siblings complete their education?
  • Where do your parents live?
  • Why are you leaving your current job?
  • What is your current salary?
  • How much money do you have in savings?
  • What good things do you know about America?
  • What are your plans after you learn English?
  • When are you planning on coming back to your country?
  • Why are you applying for one semester only?
  • How can you prove that you are coming back?
  • Do you know anyone currently studying at Nomen Global?
  • What will you do if your student visa is rejected?

Before the Embassy Interview, you should call your Nomen Global Advisor to go over/review some of the interview questions. If you pass the Embassy Interview, you will receive the F-1 Student Visa.  When you have that, you are ready to come to Nomen Global!

SEVIS/SEVP Reporting Fee

Effective September 1, 2004, students applying for an F-1 Visa from an embassy or consulate abroad for initial attendance at a school must pay a special SEVIS/SEVP fee.  This fee is $200 for F-1 students.  This fee must be paid before your appointment at the Embassy; however, you may make your appointment before you pay the fee.  You must complete a form (I-901) to pay the fee and you must have your I-20 in hand before you can complete this form.

  1. Receive I-20 form from Nomen Global.
  2. Make Embassy appointment.
  3. Pay I-901 fee of $200.
  4. Receive payment receipt.
  5. Go, with your receipt to your Visa interview.

You can complete the form online at or on paper:  

Completing the form online:

  1. Go to
  2. You will need a copy of your Form I-20.
  3. If you file the form online, the system will prevent errors.
  4. The most important information for the online system is your SEVIS ID number.  Be careful to enter this number correctly.
  5. You can pay by credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express, or a debit card with a Visa or MasterCard logo are accepted).
  6. You should print out a receipt if you need one immediately and cannot wait to receive a receipt through mail.

Completing the form on paper:

  1. The form is included with this letter.  If you need a new copy of the form, please contact us.
  2. Be sure to write legibly and complete all the information correctly.  Double check.  If there are mistakes, the process will be delayed.
  3. You may request expedited delivery for your receipt if you are in a rush.  If you request expedited delivery, you must include $30 with the $200.
  4. You may pay with check or money order only.   A check must be drawn on a U.S. Bank.
  5. Make sure your Name and SEVIS ID number are on your check.  Make the check or money order payable to: I-901 Student/Exchange Visitor Processing Fee.
  6. Attach your check or money order to the form I-901.
  7. Mail the form and check/money order to: If you want to send express:

I-901 Student/Exchange Visitor Processing Fee I-901 Student/Exchange Visitor Processing Fee

P.O. Box 970020 1005 Convention Plaza

St. Louis, MO 63197-0020 St. Louis, MO 63101

United States

Phone: 1-314-418-4393 (country code 011)

  1. Please be aware that if you send it by mail, you need to wait about 5 weeks to receive your receipt.  

Please be aware that this fee is not replacing the school’s application fee

nor the embassy/consulate appointment fee, it is an independent SEVP fee paid to the United States Government

Student Registration Process

Once you have passed the Embassy Interview and are on your way to the United States, you will need to complete a few more steps before beginning classes. Please understand that you are not approved to start classes until each aspect of registration (in the list below) is completed.  You should be guided through the registration process by one or more of our staff members. Through the registration process, you may get the registration checklist below initialed by the staff-member helping you.  In this way, you will know that you have done everything necessary to be completely registered and ready for classes.  

☐ I have completed all necessary steps for immigration before coming to the U.S.

☐ I have paid my tuition and other financial obligations

☐ I have taken the CAPE computer placement test

☐ I have completed New Student Orientation

☐ I have received a class schedule

When each of these steps has been completed, you are registered and ready for class.  CONGRATULATIONS!

Cancellation Policy

Upon approval of the Visa, you are considered registered.

You may terminate classes after your date of registration. In such cases, a partial tuition refund will be issued based on the schedule below. Refunds are based on full invoiced amounts.  Refunds are based on the terms stated in the contract–not on a semester-by-semester agreement. (e.g. If a student agrees to study with Nomen Global for two semesters, he or she is not eligible for refund for the first or second semester after the 5 days specified in the policy below.)

Refund Policy

    • Day of registration 100% tuition refund
    • 1 day after registration 85% tuition refund
    • 2 days after registration 55% tuition refund
    • 3 days after registration 40% tuition refund
    • 4 days after registration 25% tuition refund
    • 5 days after registration 0% tuition refund

Nomen Global Student Code of Conduct

As a student, I promise to abide by the following rules of Nomen Global Language Centers.  I also agree to encourage and help my classmates abide by these rules.

  • I will not use my native language at school except under circumstances where I need an interpreter to clarify something I did not understand.  I will speak English in the halls, classrooms, student lounge, and the Computer Center.
  • I will abide by the academic standards of the school.  I will participate in classroom activities and turn in my homework when it is due.  I will work hard to do my best in class. If my grades fall below the minimum, if I have excessive absences, or if I am disrespectful in the classroom towards teachers, other students, or Nomen Global faculty and staff, I may receive a warning, be placed on probation or suspended from school.
  • If I am placed on probation, I understand that I may be dismissed from school if my grades do not improve or if I do not meet Nomen Global’s standards.  School standards include not being late for class and not leaving the classroom unless there is an emergency.
  • I will meet all of my financial obligations to the school otherwise I may be placed on probation.
  • I understand that, if I am if placed on probation, my sponsor and/or parents will be notified by the school.

Nomen Global Honor Code

  • I will not cheat.
  • I will not steal. If I do, I understand that I may be punished to the full extent of the law
  • I will not destroy school property or cause damage to the place where I live.
  • I will treat teachers, students and staff with kindness and mutual respect at all times – both at school and away from it.
  • If I am in a Homestay program, I will honor my agreement with the school and make all financial arrangements with the school and not the Homestay family.
  • I will abide by the rules of the apartment complex/Homestay location where I live.


Purpose: Below are the responsibilities you have as an F-1 student with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) and Nomen Global Language Centers.

Immigration Documents

In order to remain in the United States, you must have the following documents: (If you lose one, contact the Student Services Office immediately.)

  1. Current passport issued by your country.
  2. Form I-20:
    1. Original I-20 indicating F-1 status and stamped “D/S”, which means “Duration of Status”. (As long as you remain in status as a student, you do not need to leave the country to renew your visa.)
    2. Any additional I-20’s extending the time allowed to study (you may apply for an extension to complete your educational goals as long as you have remained in status and have not been on probation).
  3. I-94 with your international entry number.

School Policies & Government Regulations – Maintaining status as an F-1 student.

  1. The student must attend:
    1. the school listed on the I-20, (Nomen Global Language Centers).
    2. school full time (18 or more credit hours per week).
    3. at least 80% of all class hours.
  2. Grades – Students must maintain at least a “C” average (normally 70 out of 100).
  3. School Fees – Students must pay all tuition and other expenses when they are due.
  4. Work permission: Students may not work without proper USCIS authorization. Students working illegally are subject to termination. Students may request from USCIS Hardship and Work Authorizations after they have resided in the United States for 1 year.  You should not expect to support yourself with a job in the U.S. as an International Student.
  5. Change of Address – A student must report any change of address, phone number or name to the Student Services Office and to USCIS within 10 days of the change.
  6. Obey All Laws – Students must obey all local, state and federal laws and regulations. Violations may lead to fines, incarceration and/or expulsion from the United States.
  7. Transfer requests – Students may only study at the school listed on their I-20. USCIS allows students to transfer in specific situations. Contact the Student Services Office for assistance.  
  8. Annual Vacation – Students may apply to take a vacation after completing one academic year – see 8CFR 214.2 (f) (5). Contact the Student Services Office for assistance
  9. Tution – Tuition refunds will be given only during the first five days of the semester per the published schedule (See published refund policy).

Travel Outside the United States

  1. With proper permission, you may travel out of the U.S. for up to 5 months and return. In order to do so you must have a current I-20 properly endorsed by Nomen Global.
  2. Before leaving the country, you must request authorization through the Student Services Office. If you leave without proper permission, you could be barred from re-entry.

Consequences of Failure to Maintain Student Status

  1. If you do not maintain school and/or USCIS policies and regulations (regarding grades, attendance, meeting of financial obligations), you may become subject to the following disciplinary actions:
  2. Warning – Verbal and a written warning placed in your student record
  3. Probation – Usually lasts one semester
  4. Suspension – Barred from attending classes for a specified time period
  5. Expulsion from school – Reported to USCIS which may result in deportation and a bar from reentering the U.S. for up to 10 years

Role of the Student Services Office:

Our role is to provide you with information, Visa counseling and assistance to help you maintain your legal immigration status. However, we are not licensed professional counselors, USCIS employees or attorneys specializing in Immigration law. Nomen Global does have an attorney and professional counselor to whom we can refer you to if you need specialized assistance.

Compliance with Federal Laws and Regulations in Maintaining Legal Status

You are responsible for complying fully with all laws and regulations of the U.S. government and with school policies. You must maintain your legal status and ensure that any necessary documents are sent to USCIS in a timely manner. Nomen Global can assist you in this process.

Verification of Understanding and Receipt of Documents

By my signature below, I verify that I have read this document, understand its contents, and have received a copy. I understand that it is my responsibility to maintain my Immigration status. I hereby release and hold harmless the staff, agents, administration, faculty, and other employees of Nomen Global Language Centers from any claim that may result from failure to maintain proper legal Immigration status.

Student Signature: ___________________________________ Date: __________________

Student Name Printed: ________________________________

School Official Signature: _____________________________ Date: __________________

Maintaining Status with United States Immigration Service

Legal Immigration Forms and Documents

The United States Government requires that you have the following documents on your person at all times.  You should plan on carrying these documents with you – either in your wallet, backpack, or in some other secure way.

  • Passport – The passport must be issued by the student’s own country of citizenship. It authorizes the individual to travel outside of his/her home country.  All students must maintain a valid passport.  Rules and procedures for issuing or reviewing a passport are determined by each country.  You may contact your Embassy who can provide you with the necessary information for renewing or replacing your passport. If your passport will expire soon,  you should get it extended at the nearest embassy or consulate for your country. Make sure your passport is good for at least the duration of your stay in the U.S.
  • Visa – The Visa is a stamp or sticker in the passport.  It authorizes the bearer to enter the United States.  Visas are issued for various periods of time.  For example, a visa may permit only one entry into the United States or it may allow for multiple entries for five years.  It is permissible for a student to have an expired Visa as long as he/she does not leave the United States and the other documents (passport, I-20, and I-94) are still valid.  
  • I-20 – The I-20 is issued by the school where an F-1 student is attending.  The I-20 certifies that the foreign visitor is authorized to be a full-time student in the United States.  The I-20 specifies the student’s school, field of study and degree program beginning and ending dates of study, and includes an explanation of how the student will finance his/her studies.  If any of this information changes, you should apply for a new I-20. If your I-20 will expire before your time at Nomen Global is over, you may apply for an extended I-20 through our Student Services Department. For specifics about applying for an extended I-20, please contact a Student Services employee.
  • I-94 – The I-94 is a small, white card that is usually stapled in the passport.  The I-94 is issued at the border.  The immigration officer at the border stamps the I-94, specifies the type of visa (F-1) on which the student has entered the U.S., and determines how long the visitor is eligible to remain in the United States.  You must have a valid I-94 in your possession in order to remain legally in the United States.  It costs $85 to replace a lost I-94.

When you report to Student Services at the beginning of your studies at Nomen Global, the Registrar will make a copy of each of these documents.  Be certain to notify our office if any of these documents is lost or changes.  In addition to these legal papers, international students are required to notify our Student Services Department of any change in address or phone number within 10 days of the change.  If you lose your I-20 or I-94, make an appointment to meet with a Student Services Representative as soon as possible to replace the forms.

Living in Our Community


Provo and its surrounding cities are among the safest cities in the United States.  It has gained attention twice by independent publications as being the #1 place to live in the entire country.  In June of 2004, Farmer’s Insurance Group named Provo #1 of the top safest places to live in the Country. Utah has a crime rate significantly lower than the average crime rate in the USA.  Provo is the home to BYU and Utah Valley University, which draw students from all over the world.  You are likely to encounter locals who speak your native language and who can empathize with someone who is living in a foreign country. Provo has a small town feel, while Salt Lake City, the state capitol and home to the 2001 Winter Olympics, is less than 1 hour away, and can give you the big city experience.  While you study at Nomen Global, your stay in Provo will not only enhance your English abilities, but will improve your entire life experience as well.

Weather and Seasons

Utah is famous worldwide for its diverse and beautiful weather.  In the winter we have snow; in the summer we have sun.  Our temperatures are always moderate and usually seasonally appropriate.

Winter: December through February are considered winter here.  There are usually multiple snow-storms through the winter.  Because the weather will usually get above freezing on most days, though, the snow cover usually doesn’t stay for more than a few days at a time.  In some situations, continual snowfall will cause a snow cover for, sometimes, weeks at a time.  The temperatures are usually above 0 degrees F (-18˚ C).  Usually they hover around 18-35 degrees F for the low, and 25-40 degrees F for the High in winter.

Spring: Spring is a lovely time in Utah, but it can also be a bit confusing.  March and April are definitely warmer than the winter months – usually the low average is just around the freezing point (30˚F, 0˚C) or just above.  The high often is near 50˚F (10˚C).  However, there can be much colder days, and much hotter days.  It is not uncommon to have a snowstorm one day in March, followed by a hot, sunny day the next day!  You have to constantly check the weather in the spring months to know if your clothing is appropriate or sufficient.  We recommend wearing a lot of layers that you can put on or take of as needed.

Summer: Summer can get hot!  It can get as high as 100 degrees F (38˚C) in July and August, but usually the high isn’t more than 85 or 90˚F. Utah is a dry climate, meaning that there isn’t too much rain, and the air is not very humid. Because the heat is dry, it isn’t always a bad thing.  It’s perfect weather for enjoying a dip in a pool, or camping outdoors.  The summer months can be some of the most fun, exciting months, or long and boring, depending on how you approach them.  We recommend you take full advantage of Utah’s natural environment and enjoy the warm summer months.

Autumn: September, October, and November are the autumn (fall) months in Utah.  During fall, the leaves will change colors, the weather will cool significantly, and it will likely get less sunny and more cloudy.  The weather in fall (like in spring) can vary significantly from day to day.  Most days, it will be overcast and cool – but it could stay hot till late into October, or you could get a snowstorm in October.  Usually there will be at least one snowstorm in autumn – typically in November. This storm will be followed by a couple of weeks of unseasonably warm weather before the real onset of winter.  Autumn is another time to check the news.  It is not a bad time to enjoy the weather still, but you will need to start wearing long sleeves, jackets and scarves.

The Outdoors

Provo is located at the base of the Wasatch Mountains – a large mountain range that spans much of Utah north to south.  The mountains are only a few minutes drive from anywhere in Provo, and can provide hiking, skiing, camping, rock-climbing, paragliding, mountain biking, boating, fishing, and all sorts of other outdoor activities.  Nomen Global likes to plan a few activities each year in the mountains – including nature walks, hikes, camping trips, canoeing, and skiing.  We recommend that our students spend as much time as possible experiencing the beauty of the Wasatch Mountains.

Additionally, Provo is a central-point for most places in the West.  You should understand that the United States is BIG!  To see and experience things in the U.S. requires a lot of driving.  However, due to Provo’s unique location, we are a moderate drive from most places of interest.  We are located at a central point.  We are about a 3-4 hour drive from Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Star Valley Wyoming, and Rexburg Idaho (BYU-I).  We are a 5-6 hour drive from the Grand Canyon, The Grand Tetons National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Lake Powell, and Las Vegas. We are an 8-12 hour drive from Disneyland, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Cheyanne, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Phoenix.  Provo is truly at the center of the western United States.  With a few road trips, you can see much of what the U.S. has to offer both in natural scenery and famous cities.

Activities and Entertainment

There are many fun and exciting things to do in and around Provo that should keep your interest year round.  Some popular choices include biking, camping, rafting, water-parks, hiking, rock climbing and swimming in the summertime, and skiing, ice skating, and hot springs in the winter.  Additionally, nearby fun centers and movie theaters are plentiful.  Provo is a great place for having fun!


Most major religions can be found in the Provo area.  Some religions (primarily non-Christian religions) have a stronger presence in Salt Lake City than in Provo.  Nomen Global hopes that all of our students feel able to get involved in any religious community with which they are comfortable.

Shopping – Retail

The Provo/Orem area has a wide variety of stores and retail locations for shopping.  The major shopping areas are Provo Towne Center Mall (about one mile from the school), University Mall (about 3 miles) and Riverwoods (about 4 miles).  There are many other retail locations located along University Avenue, University Parkway, and State Street.  Also, there are abundant shopping locations in Salt Lake, and in all the towns and cities in between.  Each of the above mentioned shopping areas are easily accessible by bus.  Within walking distance of the school, there are a few grocery stores.  They can be located on your map.  American grocery stores are usually big and have a wide variety of food.  The only difference usually is the prices.  Some stores have higher quality items, thus the price, usually, is higher. In addition to grocery stores, the US has many drug stores – which are stores where you can buy medicine prescribed by a doctor, as well as household needs, personal hygiene products, and some food.  These stores are fairly common and can be found in most shopping centers in America. Sometimes, you just want the same food that you are used to eating from your own country!  Provo/Orem has a few imports/cultural food stores that may be able to provide the food and brands that you are used to.


Because Provo is a university town, it has a diverse body of international students.  Thus there are many restaurants from many different cultures throughout Utah Valley.  Within walking distance from the school, students can find Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Singapore, Indian, Thai, Italian, Peruvian, Brazil Salvadorian, Mexican and a variety of American foods (deli, diner, burger joints, and fast food).  We strongly encourage students to take advantage of the dining opportunities near Nomen Global.  


It may be beneficial for you to set up a bank account.  If you have a bank account, you can use it to pay tuition, receive money transfers from home, and use a credit or debit card. There are a few national banks that have a strong presence in Provo.

Getting Around

Because Provo is a relatively small, friendly, and un-crowded city, it is easy to get around.  Though a car is convenient, we recommend getting a bicycle and/or using UTA: Utah’s public transportation.


Provo is a very bike-friendly city.  We recommend our students have and utilize bikes while in Provo, as it can be one of the most convenient, hassle-free ways of getting from place to place.  There are a number of bike shops and pawn-shops (where used bikes can be purchased inexpensively) in and around Provo.


The Utah Transit Authority provides bus and rail services to Utah county for relatively cheap prices.  There are also buses that go between Utah County and Salt Lake County.  UTA ensures that it is neither expensive, nor particularly difficult to get where you need to go in Provo/Orem/Salt Lake City.  The Student Services Department has copies of important/relevant bus schedules that may be useful to you in getting around.  The schedules contain the time charts for busses (departure, arrival, stops) as well as maps of the bus route, and phone numbers to call UTA.


Student Housing

Inexpensive housing is readily available. You can rent either a single room (one person per bedroom) or a double room (two people per bedroom) apartment.  Four to six students might be able to share these apartments.  If you are unmarried, co-ed housing is usually unavailable in the Provo area.  Most housing will require a cleaning deposit and the first and last month’s rent as a down payment.  You will probably have to sign a contract that requires you to pay for utilities such as electricity and natural gas. For help obtaining an apartment, contact your Student Advisor.

Health Insurance

All Nomen Global students should have health insurance coverage for the duration of their studies at Nomen Global.  Many students are covered by policies from their home country. If you do not have medical insurance, we strongly encourage you to purchase medical insurance in the U.S.

Automobile insurance is not the same as medical insurance, and you should not expect your automobile insurance to provide you the necessary coverage.  If you are uninsured and need to go to the hospital, you could have huge financial and medical problems.  An accident or severe illness in the U.S. can be very expensive – in some cases costing over $20,000 to $50,000.

For more information about medical insurance please visit