We are celebrating our 2oth year! 

Learn English at America’s English Language School!

We are thrilled by your desire to learn English and learn more about our exciting institution. We are one of the largest English as a Second Language schools in the western United States. We are located in Provo, Utah. This is a great location that is consistently ranked in the top ten in many categories and is a fantastic place to study and learn. http://provomayor.com/tag/rankings/

Our unique Advanced Modular ESL Curriculum™ has been developed over a period of many years and not only prepares our students in the English language but also with the skills needed to succeed and progress both educationally and occupationally. The unique nature of this curriculum also allows students to come and study when it is most convenient for them. Enrollments occur every two weeks under our Modular ESL Enrollment™ plan.

For the past twenty (20) years we have been assisting students from over seventy (70) countries to meet their educational, occupational and life goals.

This diverse population from all over the world has found great success here and we have enjoyed watching them move on to many American universities as well as many Fortune 500 company placements. Demographic studies have indicated that individuals with English as their second language may earn as much as one million ($1,000,000) dollars more in their earning lifetime than those who do not have this advantage. The benefits of developing English as a second language are clear in today’s global community. Our curriculum, faculty, staff, student services and activities work together to help our students reap these benefits.

We invite you to study the information that is available through this website and find out why we are truly America’s English Language School. Please contact one of our recruiters for additional pricing and information. We look forward to seeing you join our student ranks!

Students Just Like You!


“Nomen Global is one of the best schools that I was told about. It has a really cool staff who are all trying to help students in all matters. The teachers are the best. They are very educated and professional. We learned very useful grammar as well as how to research a topic, which is really practical for a future career. We had final projects every block that helped us practice our speaking and writing. We wrote research papers and then presented them to our classmates. Personally, I really liked it even though it was challenging for me because now I have learned how to research and present my findings. Besides learning English, I also had so much fun at Nomen Global, because they provided us with good activities like horseback riding, skiing, and river tubing every month. Overall, I really liked Nomen Global and I am glad that I was told about it. Nomen Global helped me to dramatically improve my English skills.”


“My experience at Nomen Global was great!…In my very first day of class my teachers were really helpful, and I became good friends with them. The way that the professors teach in class meets the needs of each individual student. The atmosphere in class is really positive, with jokes, stories, and questions about the life and culture of each student. This helped me to feel more comfortable with my classmates and to make more friends!”


“I will highly recommend to every person who is willing to learn and work to come and study here because even though Nomen Global is a small school, it is very good!”


“I have had a sweet experience at Nomen Global. First of all, I learned to share my studying life with my classmates from other countries and cultures. In addition, the teachers and staff helped me a lot to improve my English skills and be ready for college. Studying English at Nomen Global made me grow and value my own language skills even more.”