Top 7 Things To Do In The Snow

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nature-13562_640 (1)You may have heard that Utah has the greatest snow on earth. Well, it’s true! (scientific proof: So, here’s a list of fun things you can do to enjoy the greatest snow on earth:

1. Skiing/Snowboarding

Utah is home to 14 ski resorts!
2. Sledding/Tubing
For those who can’t ski/snowboard but want the rush of flying down a snowy slope
3. Build a Snowman
Who doesn’t love building a snowman?
4. Make Snow Angels
The perfect compliment to any snowman
5. Play Tic-Tac-Snow
A classic game, use pinecones for o’s and twigs to make x’s!
6. Build a Snow Fort
The dream of the perfect snow fort never dies
7. Have a Snowball Fight
Be safe!

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