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IMG_0428Why February is a Fun Month at Nomen Global

Anyone walking by the Nomen Global campus this week may have wondered what the fast action, conversation, and laughter was all about. Besides being the month of Valentines, in February Nomen Global explores the Jewish concept of “shidduch” or speed dating. How does a shidduch actually work? It’s very simple: a long table—really long table – is set up. Students take a seat: men on one side and women on the other. Although students at Nomen casually know each other, this fun exercise helps students get to know each other on an important level. At the ring of a bell which sounds every four minutes, students who sit across from each other begin to visit with each other and ask questions of each other. When the bell rings again, the men on one side of the table move down a seat, and new couples begin to talk and get to know each other. In a fun and casual way, this activity helps English conversation-making, listening, and speaking. Simple questions like “What are your goals? What kind of entertainment do you like? What are you most proud of?” lead to some interesting knowledge about people. Think about it: In just four minutes, a shidduch can help some students have an interesting Valentine’s Day.

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