Advanced English Skills Course



Advanced English Skills is designed for advanced level students who have achieved a satisfactory score on an English proficiency exam and want to sharpen their skills before moving on to pursue their educational or professional goals. Students complete communicative tasks that demand application of critical thinking skills and complex grammatical structures.



Applied English Grammar (4.5 hrs/week)
Applied English Grammar is designed for students who have a solid understanding of English grammar and are ready to put that knowledge to practical use. The course features a review of grammar principles studied in Levels 1-5 which are practiced with controlled exercises as well as frequent writing assignments covering the following discourse types: persuasive, cause & effect, expository, narrative, compare & contrast, definition, problem-solution, and process.

Advanced English Skills (8 hrs/week)
Advanced English Skills is organized around essential skills advanced ESL students need to develop in order to achieve their academic and professional goals. In this course, students will develop skills related to research, building and defending effective arguments, advanced reading, and essay writing.



Advanced Writing Workshop (1.5 hrs/week)
Writing Workshop is a process-oriented course designed to help students achieve the level writing learning outcomes. Advanced Writing Workshop features mini-lessons on a variety of topics related to revising and improving the complexity of writing. Students write a series of essays responding to prompts.

Critical Reading (2 hrs/week)
This course combines both extensive and intensive reading as it examines the relationship between critical reading and critical thinking. It teaches students the skills they need to apply the principles of critical analysis and logical reasoning to the material they are reading. Emphasis will be placed on 1) the development and application of reading skills related to the interpretation, analysis, criticism, and advocacy of ideas encountered in the student’s reading, and 2) augmentation of inquiry, logical reasoning/thinking, reflective judgment, and problem-solving skills.

Nomen Global’s Preparation Course for the TOEFL® Test
(5 hrs/week)

Nomen Global’s Preparation Course for the TOEFL® Test is designed to prepare students to achieve qualifying scores on the TOEFL iBT® for entry into the university of their choice. The course focuses on test-taking strategies and general academic English skills necessary for success on the exam. Students spend five hours per week in class, including time in the practice lab. Over the duration of the course, students take several practice exams which help them gauge areas of strength and weakness. TOEFL® is available to students taking Level 5 (upon approval) as well as Advanced English Skills.

Language and Culture Enrichment (2 hrs/week)
Language and Culture classes are designed to expose students to American culture through media and/or entertainment sources. Emphasis is placed on vocabulary development, particularly idiomatic expressions. Students also practice utilizing the four communicative skills as they read, speak, listen to, and write about materials presented in class. Depending on availability and enrollment, Level 5 students choose one class from the following list:

-Current Events
Students listen to and watch broadcast news reports, read newspaper and news magazine articles, and participate in group and class discussions about current issues. The course features mini-lessons on the structure and ethics of American media. Students are required to give a teaching presentation related to the block topic each block.

-U.S. History and Culture through Film
Students discuss and write about topics related to United States history presented in readings and related films. Students submit a vocabulary log and complete reading and writing assignments related to the topic each block.

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